5.4W Solar Panel for Lighting

Model: Y054C5

✅ Customized solar panels for lighting – ENERCENTRIK solar panels are a combination of high-efficiency cells and high-penetration lightweight design. Lighting fixture batteries will no longer drain
✅ Various shapes to meet your charging needs –
According to the appearance of various lamps and equipment to meet the demand for unlimited charging, you can ensure your light source anytime, anywhere as long as there is sunlight.
✅ The most secure warranty for 2 years –
The product design is suitable for installation in various outdoor lighting environments, with long service life and high reliability. Professional customer service makes every effort to solve your problems.
✅ Product size specifications
240mm x 240mm x 3.5mm / 5.5W(MAX) / 5.4V(MAX) / 1000mA(MAX) / 190g

ODM/OEM customized production is acceptable.